10 of the Stupidest Bank Robbers Ever

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Money makes the world go round, and matters can get pretty desperate when you run out of it – as these cases prove. Some people turn that desperation into a risky bid for a quick buck, gambling on apparent “solutions” like reckless bank heists. But bank robberies aren’t as simple as some might assume, and pulling off the perfect heist requires solid planning and more than your average amount of brainpower.

The following bank robbers enjoyed varying degrees of success, but they all displayed a mind-boggling lack of intelligence – which ultimately resulted in failure. From fainting at the teller window to handing over two forms of identification before the hold-up, the actions of these 10 robbers were hilariously inept.

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3 Ways That Military Veterans Can Save Money

Always Faithful, Doberman, Military Working Dog, MWD, World War II Memorial, War Dog Cemetery located on Navel Base Guam

While most people don’t think much about it, if you are in the military or your spouse is in the military, you know that the job that they have to do is extensive and important and you also know how small the pay can be for such a monumental effort on their part. What this means is that those of you that serve in the military will want to save money where ever you can, and this thrifty way of life may have to continue on after you retire or are discharged from military duty.

Here are a few tips how military veterans can save money.

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4 Great Hobbies Related to Money

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Numismatics refers to the hobby of collecting or studying money. Dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, the hobby was once considered only fit for kings. Modern day numismatists generally collect currency spanning anywhere from the 1600s to the present day. Some may specialize in oddities while others may focus on currency created in various world locations or during certain time periods.

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All The World’s Gold

It can be hard to imagine what all the gold in the world would look like if it were all in one place. This graphic gives you an idea of how much gold there actually is, who has the most of it, what it’s used for and what it’s worth. An interesting fact about the worth of all this gold is that even if the US owed all of it, it still would not be enough to pay off the current national debt. All of a sudden your consumer debt doesn’t seem like that much, huh?
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5 Leading Passive Income Streams

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The entrepreneur’s ultimate goal is to get to the point where he can sit back, revel in his success, and earn money without really doing much work at all. Sound like a pipe dream? Well, this can be your reality if you learn to channel the power of passive income streams. You may need to put in some legwork in the beginning, but if you keep your eye on the finish line, you can be among those lucky business owners who watch their income grow long after they stop actively working. Here are five passive income streams for you to consider.

1. Real estate:

You’ve heard that the country is in a recession, and that property values have plummeted. For many areas, this is true. For those willing to be patient and put in some extra work, though, investing in real estate is still a great way to eventually earn passive income. Face it: today’s lower property values are not going to last forever. Throughout history, home prices have risen and fallen, and this current situation is no different. Now is a great time to snap up some investment property. Many properties have been foreclosed upon and will need some basic landscaping and fix-up work. Do this yourself or hire it out, but get it done so your new property looks great. Rent it out for a few years, and when property values rise, sell it for a hefty profit.

2. Write an eBook:

What do you know a lot about? Write up some information about it and publish it as an eBook. Unlike traditional books, eBooks involve very little startup cost. Ask others to advertise your book for a commission, and voila, you will begin earning income. How much time and effort your eBook takes to write is up to you – try to fill a niche and give people information that they can’t get easily elsewhere.

3. Affiliate marketing:

You can be one of the people advertising others’ e-books or various other products for a commission. All you need is a blog or website, and every time your readers click on the link to the advertised website, you will earn a few cents. This type of income is not a lot in itself, but if you have many websites with many links, dollars will begin to pour in, with no effort from you past the initial setup.

4. Set up vending machines:

While this requires some start-up money and effort, soon you will see income that you are not working hard for, if at all. You will need to persuade business-owners to allow you to set up vending machines in their buildings. Sell coffee, soft drinks, snack foods or gumballs. Once you fill the machines, whatever money they bring in is yours.

5. Run websites:

If you have a popular web-based community, you can charge membership fees and allow it to pay for itself, and then some. You can also place some of your affiliate links on the site, preferably on the pages that non-members can see. If you have knowledge about a particular industry, consider gearing your site toward others who work in that field. Or you may prefer to set up a social site. Once you get one site running well, open up others; you may have some overlap in clientele, which can be a good thing for bringing in even more people to your sites.

Remember, passive income does not mean that you don’t work at all for your money, but it does mean that with time, soon your money will be working for you. The more time that goes by, the more passive you can become, and the more income you can expect to see.

Andy is the co-founder of Credit Card Compare, one of the leading independent websites for the comparison of Australian credit cards. On their blog, he enjoys helping readers to better manage their personal finances and investments. To keep up with his work or to get in contact follow @Boydster on Twitter.

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Are We Suckers for Infomercials?

“But wait, there’s more!” is a call to arms for millions of American consumers. Since its inception 20 years ago, the infomercial has become an integral part of television culture. We take a closer look at who is buying and how much is being purchased.


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10 of the Biggest Heists in History

Many people are fascinated by the idea of a heist, which is why they have been the idea for many film plots over the years. How will it be pulled off? How much loot is at stake? Will they get away with it? There may be more famous heists throughout history, but these are ten heists which happen to be some of the most high dollar crimes in history.
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10 Big Businesses That Make Money By Stealing

Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if the price tag or advertised price was actually the amount you paid? Many businesses have begun resorting to sneaky hidden charges as a way to advertise a more attractive price to lure you in, but often times it’s only after you’ve already signed a contract or received services rendered do you realize you’ve been had. Consumers need to be aware of all the fine print add-ons that will drive costs up so that when presented with a bill they aren’t utterly shocked at the real prices vs. what they thought they were getting goods or services for.
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Tips on Cleaning Thrift Store Finds

If you’re up for the adventure, a lot of great used items can be found at thrift stores for not a lot of money. Clothes, toys, shoes, jewelry and many other items with a lot of use left in them are often available for next to nothing. However, before using these items, it’s always a good idea to clean them. This video offers some great tips on how to safely clean and sanitize thrift store finds so that you can enjoy them as much as the original owner did.

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10 Ways Going Green Can Save You Money

It seems like the price of everything keeps increasing at an alarming rate; therefore, you need to look for ways to save money. But that’s not the only thing you can save because while you can economize and budget at home, you can also help the environment by going green. In fact, not only can you save money by going green, but it can also help to improve your quality of life by reducing the clutter that gets in your way and helping you focus on the things that really matter. Here are 10 ways that you can help save the environment by going green; thus, saving you money.

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